The Playlist of My Life

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Your life has a soundtrack, and a playlist that is uniquely yours. In this guided journal, you will collect your favorite songs, artists, and concerts; revisit amazing musical memories, and create your ultimate playlists for every occasion.

Whether you casually listen to music, or you’re an expert playlist curator and music superfan, everyone has an emotional connection to music. This creative prompted journal includes guided musical prompts, space for journaling about your favorite musical memories, list trackers, and quotes from famous artists. The Playlist of My Life is the perfect gift for all music lovers!

  • Creative prompts for music fans to reflect on their favorite songs, lyrics, and artists and why they mean so much to them.
  • Space for journaling about memories related to music and the songs and artists that have shaped their lives.
  • Ultimate playlist trackers for self-love, breakups, karaoke, and more!
  • Quotes from famous musical artists.